1. validity of the conditions
These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all contracts concluded with the Strandhotel Möwe, provided they meet the characteristics of the GTC Act. They can be replaced by conditions negotiated in individual cases. These terms and conditions are clearly and visibly displayed in the hotel and will be handed over separately to the guest or client upon agreement.

2. conclusion of the guest accommodation contract
The respective price list with the respective tariffs and service descriptions shall be authoritative. Otherwise, services and rates are subject to change. The guest accommodation contract (accommodation contract) can be concluded in writing, orally, by telephone or by conclusive behaviour. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obliges both contracting parties to fulfil the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract. In the case of hotel accommodation, the guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered and promised or - if a promise was not possible for reasons of time - made available.

3. reservations
If rooms or other services (e.g. meals) are reserved on an option basis, the option dates are binding for both contracting parties. After expiry of the option period, the Strandhotel Möwe may freely dispose of the rooms and services booked on an option basis without consultation. Reserved rooms confirmed by the Strandhotel Möwe will be made available from 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. The Strandhotel Möwe is entitled to allocate reserved rooms to other guests after 7.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, unless a later arrival time has been expressly agreed.

4. price changes
Agreed prices can be changed by the Strandhotel Möwe after conclusion of the contract according to the then valid price lists if the period between conclusion of the contract and provision of the individual service is more than 4 months.

5. terms of payment
After receipt of the written travel confirmation, a deposit of 20 % of the tour price is due immediately. The remaining amount is due 30 days before departure without further request. In the case of short-term bookings 7-3 days before departure, unless other terms of payment have been expressly agreed, payment is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice, without any deductions and in cash. The acceptance and selection of credit cards is at the discretion of the Strandhotel Möwe in each individual case of presentation of a credit card, even if the basic acceptance of credit cards is indicated by notices in the hotel.
Cheques, credit cards and other means of payment are only accepted on account of performance. Delay in payment of even one invoice entitles the Strandhotel Möwe to suspend all further and future services for the guest; the prerequisite is that the Strandhotel Möwe has given notice of default by issuing a reminder setting a deadline and pointing out the consequences. If the invoice amount exceeds 250,- € or if the guest stays longer than six days in the hotel, the Strandhotel Möwe is entitled to issue individual interim invoices and to demand payment from the guest.

6. advance payment
The Strandhotel Möwe is entitled to demand advance payment from a guest who has not made a reservation, to the amount of the accommodation price at the conclusion of the guest accommodation contract. The Strandhotel Möwe may, without any acceptance of order, make any reservation or other service to be performed or continued dependent on the full or partial payment in advance of the amounts expected to be owed, in the form of deposits, payments on account or total advance payments.

7. cancellations, cancellation fees
In cases of cancellation of reservations by the guest or non-utilization of the services offered by the Strandhotel Möwe, the contractual services ordered and reserved, but not accepted by the guest, but offered by the hotel (in particular for guest accommodation and/or catering) will be charged to the guest by the Strandhotel Möwe at the following flat rates:

- Cancellation between and including the 30th and 15th day prior to the provision of the respective service: charge of 30 % of the ordered/reserved services.

- Cancellation between and including the 14th and the 8th day before the provision of the respective services: Charge of 60 % of the ordered/reserved services.

- Cancellation between and including the 7th and the 3rd day before the provision of the respective services: Charge of 80 % of the ordered/reserved services.

- Cancellations within 48 hours before provision of the respective services or non-utilization of the respective services: Charge of 100 % of the ordered/reserved services.

The cancellation fees will be reduced by the amounts that are achieved through the subletting of the cancelled rooms or further charging of the services on the ordered/reserved date on the part of the Strandhotel Möwe.

The aforementioned cancellation fees shall also apply if the ordered and reserved services have only been partially cancelled by the guest, in which case the aforementioned flat rates shall apply to the part of the services which has been cancelled, or if the guest does not make use of the ordered and reserved services without express cancellation.

8. liability
The liability of the Strandhotel Möwe is governed by §§ 701-703 of the German Civil Code (BGB). Liability for other reasons is excluded, unless the damage was caused by the Strandhotel Möwe, their legal representatives or vicarious agents intentionally or grossly negligent.

9. withdrawal by the hotel
a) The hotel cannot unilaterally withdraw from the concluded contract. Exceptions are force majeure and strike.

b) In case of non-provision, the hotel is obliged to provide the guest with a room of at least the same price category.

10. other provisions
a) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to these conditions and the entire legal relationship between the Strandhotel Möwe and the guest.
b) The place of jurisdiction is the local or regional court responsible for the place of performance.